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Since 1987 the Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand Ltd (SEAANZ) has served as a focal point for research, education, policy and practice in the field of small to medium enterprise and entrepreneurship.

SEAANZ is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee that is an independent voice in understanding the nature of small firms, how they operate and how they might be supported by government, industry and academia.

SEAANZ is an affiliate member of the International Council of Small Business (ICSB), a global organisation founded in 1955, and a member of the Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB), a regional affiliate body of the ICSB founded in 2013. 

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28th Annual SEAANZ Conference

Call for Papers: Transitional Ecopreneurs - new ecopreneurial activities in the 21st Century

Papers are invited for this special issue of Small Enterprise Research devoted to exploring the role of ecopreneurs in changing wider entrepreneurial practices and economic sectors whilst combining these with social and environmental benefits. 

Special Issue Editors: Dr Martin Hultman, Dr Karl Johan Bonnedahl and Dr Kristie O'Neill 

This special issue invites contemporary empirical and theoretical contributions, which advance our understanding on the role of various forms of green, environmental or sustainable entrepreneurship: ecopreneurs.  Such ecopreneurs enact business models that are guided by a vision to make a positive difference regarding environmental and social problems. The primary aim of this special issue is to catalogue, understand, explain and evaluate the (or non-)development of ecopreneurs in national and international contexts.

Deadline: 15 May 2015. Read More >>>

28th Annual SEAANZ Conference Doctoral Colloquium

An important part of the work of SEAANZ is to encourage quality research into small enterprise. To achieve this objective we offer discounted student memberships and run doctoral colloquiums at each of our annual conference events. A special doctoral colloquium will be held at the 28th Annual SEAANZ conference on Wednesday 1 July 2015. This event is a must for any students seeking to develop their research project in the field of small business and entrepreneurship. It is open to researchers from all disciplines. Read more>>>

Call for Papers: Indigenous Enterprise and Small Business Special Issue

Papers are invited for this special issue of Small Enterprise Research devoted to indigenous enterprise and small business.

Special Issue Editor: Professor Dennis Foley, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Indigenous communities or 'first nations' can be found around the world from the Inuit, Ainu and Sami people in Canada, Japan and Norway, to the Aboriginal, Maori and San people of Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Although these communities have many differences in language, culture and appearance, they all share a common characteristic of being minorities in their own land. Most Indigenous communities have suffered from dispossession of their traditional lands, plus economic and social marginalization. Economic self-determination for these communities can be achieved via entrepreneurship and small enterprise activities. This special issue examines the state of research, policy and practice in the field of Indigenous enterprise and small business. 

Deadline for submissions 30 January 2015.

Call for Papers: 28th Annual SEAANZ Conference

Theme: Rhetoric and Reality: Effectively Managing Small and Medium Enterprises

Conference Dates: 1-3 July 2015

Location: NAB The Village, 700 Bourke Street, Docklands Melbourne.

Small to medium enterprises must operate in an environment that is rapidly changing and their owner-managers must learn how to manage effectively in order to survive. This conference examines best practice in the management of small firms. It is for researchers and educators,small business owners, their professional advisors and government agencies as well as students interested in small enterprise. Read more>>>

Call for papers: Freelancers and Independent Contractors Special Issue

Papers are invited for this special issue of Small Enterprise Researchdevoted to Freelancers and Independent Contractors.

Special  Issue Editors: Dr Tui McKeown and Dr Robyn Cochrane, Monash University, Australia.

The world of work has seen the downsizing and outsourcing of work that once took place as part of a conventional employer-employee relationship. However, today there are a significant number of self-employed independent contractors or 'freelancers' working with and within organisations. The concept of a 'freelancer' remains vaguely defined in law and poorly understood within the academic literature. Definition of this type of micro-enterprise is also poor with the word 'freelancer' used in conjunction with 'independent contractor' and other terms. This special issue seeks to understand the nature, characteristics, contributions and challenges facing the freelancer. It also seeks to identify current research activity and directions for future research into this important and growing form of small business.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 January 2015Read more:>>>

Images from the 27th SEAANZ Annual Conference


The 27th SEAANZ Annual Conference took place in Sydney during 16-18 July 2014 at the Australian Technology Park. It drew together a cross-section of the "four pillars" across the domains of research, education, policy and practice who focused on the theme of how to enhance SMEs in the digital economy. A series of photographs were taken of the event that can be found on this website. (go to images).

Highlights of the 27th Annual SEAANZ Conference 2014

The 27th Annual SEAANZ Conference took place from 16-18 July at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney. The conference focused on the theme "Enhancing SME success in the digital economy". An excellent cross-section of research papers, keynote speaker presentations and workshops made the conference a huge success. Representatives were there from all 'four pillars' of the SEAANZ community. Once again we thank the support of our institutional supporters and key sponsor Top Education Institute for helping to make this event such a success. (Go to website)

SEAANZ Research Book Series 2014 Edition

The first of our SEAANZ Research Book Series: "Meeting the Globalisation Challenge: smart and innovative SMEs in a globally competitive environment" is now released. SEAANZ has launched this book to provide a more accessible source of information for readers than is possible with traditional academic journals. This book brings together a cross-section of authors who encompass all "four-pillars" of the SEAANZ community. The book will be officially launched at the 27th Annual SEAANZ conference in Sydney on 18 July by the Australian Small Business Minister the Hon Bruce Billson MP.

Editors: Bernice Kotey, Tim Mazzarol, Delwyn Clark, Dennis Foley and Tui McKeown.

Available from Tilde Publishing

2nd Annual ACSB Asian SME Conference

Theme: Globalisation - Doing well, doing good

Dates: 27-31 October 2014; Location: Seoul, South Korea.

Abstracts deadline: 30 June 2014. For more information (go to website)


28th Annual SEAANZ Conference 1 Jul 2015 to 3 Jul 2015
60th Annual ICSB World Conference 6 Jun 2015 to 9 Jun 2015
RENT XXVIII 2014 Annual Conference 19 Nov 2014 to 21 Nov 2014
2nd Annual ACSB Asian SME Conference 27 Oct 2014 to 31 Oct 2014
GW Global Entrepreneurship Conference 16 Oct 2014 to 18 Oct 2014

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