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A massive 20% discount off Routledge Taylor & Francis books

Thanks to our journal publisher Taylor & Francis an annual SEAANZ membership will also provide each member with a massive 20% discount off all Routledge Taylor & Francis books. This offer can be redeemed online and gives SEAANZ members access to one of the world's largest stock of academic books and textbooks. For example, Taylor & Francis eBooks currently offers online access to over 50,000 titles from a wide range of subjects.

Examples of Taylor & Francis Routledge eBooks focusing on small business and entrepreneurship are:

Business Planning for New Ventures: A guide for start-ups and new innovations

David Butler (2014) Routledge eBook ISBN:  9781315797304

Starting a new business takes a lot of energy and organization. The failure rate is alarmingly high and the task can look herculean at the outset. This new textbook provides a simple guide to help plan a successful new business, taking entrepreneurs and students through the steps required to avoid pitfalls and get a business going. Unlike most entrepreneurship textbooks, the author avoids dwelling on theories in favour of providing effective and practical guidance on how to start and manage a profitable business, with a focus on new ventures operating in high-growth, innovative sectors. Written by an expert with experience in academia and business consulting, this concise textbook will be valuable reading for students of entrepreneurship, new ventures and small business. The practical focus of the book means that it will be useful both for students in the classroom and for entrepreneurs wanting to start a new business.


The Foundations of Small Enterprise: An entrepreneurial analysis of small firm inception and growth

Gavin Reid (2007) Routledge eBook ISBN: 9780203448434

This volume is an excellent addition to Routledge’s Studies in Small Business series. In this extended and novel entrepreneurial analysis of small firm inception and growth, a leading authority in the field develops a new kind of ‘micro-micro’ analysis, applying rigorous methods from economics, accounting and finance to gain a deeper understanding of micro-firms. Reid examines performance, hierarchy, capital structure, monitoring and control, flexibility, innovation and information systems. Using statistical, econometric and qualitative methods of empirical research, Foundations of Small Business Enterprisetracks and analyses the evolution of 150 small firms from their early years through to maturity. This title will appeal to a wide range of students, specialists and practitioners in economics, accounting and finance.


Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Public Policy: Evolution and Revolution

Robert J. Bennett (2014) Routledge eBook ISBN: 9780203078624

Public policy interventions aimed at encouraging, supporting and developing small businesses are important for understanding entrepreneurship and small business management. This textbook is the first to provide teachers and students with a resource that gives an overview of how institutional and policy structures interact with small firm start-ups, continuation and succession/failures. Beginning with a brief introduction to policy processes, the text covers the main policy instruments for entrepreneurial market entry and start-up support, for on-going small business advice and financial support, and succession planning. It particularly focuses on policies that improve the Business Enabling Environment through macroeconomic policy, institutional reform, and deregulation of bureaucratic burdens. Theoretical rigour is complemented by detailed assessments of current policies around the world, including USA, advanced and emerging economies and Policy support from global institutions such as the World Bank and the ILO are included. Written by a pre-eminent scholar of public policy and entrepreneurship, this textbook provides a concise but thorough introduction to the subject for Master's students internationally. Policy recommendations in the author's conclusion also highlight the book's value to policy-makers as they adapt to the globalized, digital world.

ISO 9001:2008 for Small Businesses, 5th Edition

Ray Tricker (2013) Routledge eBook ISBN: 9781315890067

Small businesses face many challenges today, including the increasing demand by larger companies for ISO compliance. Compliance is a challenging task for any organisation and can often be time consuming and costly, particularly for small businesses who are unlikely to have quality assurance experts on the payroll. However, it is still possible to achieve compliance without the need for expensive consultancy or training that takes you out of the office! Ray Tricker has already guided hundreds of businesses through the challenge and this, the 5th edition of his life-saving ISO guide, has been rewritten and refined following 5 years' field use of working with the standard. The one area that an organisation (particularly a small business) always wants to know is ‘how much is it going to cost to implement and operate a QMS compliant with ISO 9001: 2008 – and is it going to be worth the trouble?!’ Due to popular demand, Edition 5 now includes a brand new chapter on the cost of implementing ISO 9001:2008.