Who Should Join?

SEAANZ members consist of individuals and organisations from Australia and New Zealand who are interested in the growth and development of small enterprise. Members are presently from a wide range of institutions including:

  • Universities
  • TAFE Colleges 
  • Business Enterprise Centres
  • Private training institutions
  • Government departments and agencies
  • Business organisations
  • Service providers to small enterprise
  • Small businesses where they are owner-managers or self-employed operators.

Membership is open to all interested persons, and includes educators, researchers, students, professional business advisors, economic development agency staff, owners and senior managers of small and medium-sized firms and entrepreneurs.

SEAANZ members, in addition to other ICSB international members, will be able to renew their membership annually. All affiliate members will also have access to the ICSB website as a benefit of international affiliation. 

Membership benefits - Good reasons to join

There are numerous benefits to becoming a member of SEAANZ not the least of which is your membership brings you into the largest dedicated small business and entrepreneurship body in Oceania. However, membership of SEAANZ is also able to offer you to the following tangible benefits:

  • Affiliate membership of the International Council for Small Business; read more>>>
  • Affiliate membership of the Asia Council for Small Business; read more>>>
  • Participation in SEAANZ Annual Conferences;
  • Annual subscriptions to five specialist academic journals;
  • Massive discounts off Routledge Taylor & Francis academic books and text books; read more>>>
  • Access to other news and information sources from SEAANZ; read more>>>

Membership Categories and Fees 

Membership covers one full financial calendar year: 1 July - 30 June.

Individual membership:

Individual membership is available to all persons who are: full-time or part-time teachers or scholars of small enterprise management or related disciplines in educational institutions; consultants to small enterprise; employees of organizations with a significant involvement in small enterprise management education, research, training, advice or consulting; and to such other persons, including small enterprise operators, as may have a substantial interest in the advancement of scholarship in those disciplines.

Individual membership provides all benefits for one individual (A$165).

Corporate membership:

Organisational or corporate membership is available for those organisations that have a substantial interest in the advancement of small enterprise and can include (but is not limited to): educational institutions, small enterprise institutes or centres, consulting organisations, firms that provide professional service to small enterprise, government agencies, professional and trade associations, chambers of commerce and small to medium enterprises.

Corporate entitles two individuals to all membership benefits (A$330).

Student membership:

Student membership is available to students enrolled for full-time courses in small enterprise management or similar programs, including doctoral research students, and to other persons having an interest in small enterprise. Please note that under the SEAANZ Constitution student members to stand for election to be an officer of the Association.

Student membership is open to full time enrolled students only (A$55).

Institutional supporter:

This shall be available to those organisations with a substantial interest in the advancement of small enterprise including (but not limited to): educational institutions, small enterprise institutes or centres, consulting organisations, firms that provide professional service to small enterprise, government agencies, professional and trade associations and chambers of commerce.

Institutional membership allows the organisation to nominate two individuals with all membership benefits, promotional advertising on the SEAANZ website, links from the SEAANZ website, and promotion in the Networker (A$1,540).

Life Member:

Life Membership is bestowed on those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of SEAANZ and its mission of advancing research, education, policy and practice in the field of small enterprise. A list of SEAANZ Life Members can be found here >>>

Please contact us about membership or renew your existing membership online

Membership Renewals

Existing members can renew by contacting Marion Macnish at the SEAANZ Secretariat.

New Membership applications

If you are a new member please download and complete the membership application form [download the membership form] and email to SEAANZ Secretariat at:

If you want more information please feel free to contact:

Marion Macnish

SEAANZ Secretariat

PO Box 641 | Fremantle | WA 6959

Phone: +61 0 481 060 927