SEAANZ Annual Research Book Call for Papers

SEAANZ Annual Research Book 2017: Economic Gardening

The role of entrepreneurship, innovation and small business ecosystems in regional, rural and international development

Authors of papers presented at the 2016 SEAANZ conference are SPECIALLY invited to submit their final versions for publication consideration in The role of entrepreneurship, innovation and small business ecosystems in regional, rural and international development. 

In addition, we invite submissions from new authors for chapters in our fourth research and policy book which will be made available to both policy makers and academics at the 2017 SEAANZ Annual meeting.

Submissions can be academic research papers but we also welcome more applied works that address relevant issues associated with small enterprise research, education and training, support, policy and practice. We particularly welcome papers that address research, education and training, support, policy and practice issues pertaining to:

  1. Agricultural or Regional Entrepreneurship
  2. The role of Universities and Rural R&D Corporations in Regional Development
  3. Small Business Assistance Programs
  4. Economic Gardening
  5. Entrepreneurship and International Development.

Author guidelines

Papers should be no longer than 20 pages, not including references, tables or figures, which should be attached at the end of the paper rather than embedded into the document. Please note that files should be submitted in WORD format, Times New Roman 12 point font, single spaced. For papers presented at the conference PLEASE INCORPORATE THE REVIEW COMMENTS.

Format for submissions

Title page to include

  • Paper title - Times New Roman 16 point centred and bolded.
  • Author name(s), Times New Roman 12 point left aligned bolded.
  • Author(s) organisational affiliation, Times New Roman 12 point left aligned.
  • Abstract of not more than 250 words, Times New Roman 12 point italics.
  • Author bios of not more than 150 words.

Main document format

  • Page set-up: Top and bottom margins 2cm, left margin 3cm, right margin 2.25cm.
  • Headings - Times New Roman 12 point all capitals and bolded.
  • Sub-headings - Times New Roman 12 point and bolded with first letter of each word in capitals.
  • Text - Times New Roman 12 point font single spaced with 6 point spacing before each paragraph.
  • All titles and paragraphs should be separated by a single space before and after.
  • Please number all pages.


  • All references should be in the Harvard Referencing Format.
  • Please try to avoid excessive use of footnotes.

Tables, figures and images

  • Tables, figures and images should be clearly labelled and numbered. Authors should note within the main text where each table, figure or image is to be placed within the text (e.g. "Table 1 here"). All tables, figures and images should be attached to the paper in an appendix separate to the main body of the paper. These should be submitted in WORD format to allow for subsequent manipulation in production of the book. Please note that the book will be printed in black and white so coloured charts or images will not be reproduced in colour.

Implications for education, policy and practice

  • All papers should contain a separate section at the end of the conclusions that provides a summary of the key lessons or take away points for the management of small firms, and/or for the support of such firms through education or government policy initiatives. This is best undertaken as separate table with a series of "dot-points" that briefly summarise up to 5 key lessons.

Submission deadlines

The timetable for the production of this book is as follows:

Deadline for initial submission of chapters 

1 February 2017

Deadline for papers to be returned to authors with reviewer feedback

1 March 2017

Deadline for amended papers to be returned to editors

1 June 2017

Deadline for second edition release at 30th Annual SEAANZ Conference

 August 2017


Please note that all papers will be subject to editorial review and should be of a high standard. The editors reserve the right to suggest corrections to any submission and may reject papers that are deemed unsuitable for the book.

If authors wish to express an interest in making a submission to the book project prior to the preparation  of their final paper they should submit a one page abstract of their paper along with a brief biographical profile of the authors (max of 150 words per author).

Submit to:

Full papers or paper proposal abstracts should be sent by email to:

Professor Morgan P. Miles, Chief Editor 

University of Canterbury

Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8140 New Zealand

Phone: +643 369 3712 93712