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In addition to the benefits mentioned above, an annual membership of SEAANZ will provide you with access to: 

The Networker – a quarterly email news service, providing updates on the latest development within the small business and entrepreneurship sector. 

SEAANZ Group on – allows us to advance our careers and research goals by counting on other SEAANZ members on LinkedIn to make vital new contacts. It helps us to stay in touch with one another and to discover powerful new contacts within SEAANZ and beyond. You’ll be able to search, find, and contact fellow group members in addition to the hundreds of thousands of users you can reach through your extended LinkedIn network.

SEAANZ White Papers - a "white paper" is an authoritative report or guide designed to help readers understand issues. SEAANZ will be issuing specially commissioned white papers on a variety of topics that will be made available to members via the "members only" section of the website.

SEAANZ Discussion Papers - a "discussion paper" is document in which issues are discussed and opinions expressed over topics related to them. SEAANZ will be issuing its own or third-party discussion papers designed to encompass academic research issues as well as topics relevant to our other "pillars" in education, policy and practice. 

Educational and research content within the SEAANZ website - commencing soon, SEAANZ will provide members with an opportunity to access educational and research relevant content within the members only section of the website. This will encompass webinars, information on research methods, knowledge sharing forums and invitations to other events.