2003 Conference Papers

A Framework For The Adoption Of ICT And Security Technologies By SME's

-Allan, Annear, Beck, Beveren

What Is A 'Family Business' And Why Does It Matter?

-Barrett, Rajapakse

Thai Service Sector SMEs: Is Tacit Knowledge The Key Entrepreneur Success Characteristic?

-Batstone, Perry, Polsaram

The Importance Of Information Design For Small Business Websites

-Bentley, Fisher, Craig

Cracks in the Egg: improving performance measures in business incubator research

-Bhabra-Remedios, Cornelius

Hands-On Small Business Assistance: Evidence From LaTrobe City

-Billington, Neeson, Barrett

The consultant engagement online training course (CEOTC): Developing a framework for the alignment of e-business strategies and consultant engagement practices for Australian SMEs


From the classroom to the entrepreneurial company: an experiential approach to learning

-Bottomley, Cooper, Gordon

The Role of the External Accountant in Small Firms

-Breen, Sciulli, Calvert

The Use of Computerised Accounting Systems in Small Business

-Breen, Sciulli, Calvert

Exploring The Influence Of Communication On Small Business Innovation And Readiness For Change

-Burnett, McMurray

Bank Lending to Small Enterprises in South-West Regional, Western Australia


​The Management Of Interdependence And The Shaping Of Vision By Micro-Finance Agencies For New And Emerging SMEs

-Christie, Rowe

The effects of managers on elements of the work environment that influence employees’ informal workplace learning in small manufacturing firms: an exploratory study


Leadership Perception: Small vs Large Businesses, The Training Implications

-Dalglish, Therin

How to avoid getting crushed – critical success factors at a (profitable) boutique small winery: A tale of two wineries


Issues relating to cash flow management for SMEs after the introduction of the GST

-Drever, Hartcher

Youth Entrepreneurship

-Dunn, Romaguera

“The Forgotten Manager”: An analysis of the role and functions of the salaried manager in small business


Financial Information In Small Business: Compliance and Beyond


Creativity and innovation in education: The Tasmanian experience

-English, Jones

Creating New Jobs in China through Entrepreneurship; SME Policy and Management Culture 


Successful Graduate Female Entrepreneurs - The Scottish Experience

-Fei Lim, Smith, Bottomley

Managerial work in small organizations – Evaluating some old, pretty old, and new empirical evidence


What do owner-managers in small firms really do? Replicating Choran, Mintzberg, and Kurke & Aldrich

-Florén, Tell

Towards a Theoretical Model of Knowledge Transfer in Non-Alliance Based Relationships: An Entrepreneurship Perspective


Venturing Beyond the Backyard: Internationalisation of the Family Business

-Graves, Thomas

A comparison of the performance of SMEs in Korea and Taiwan; policy implications for turbulent times

-Hall, Harvie

The SME Policy Framework in ASEAN and APEC: Benchmark comparisons and analysis


The SME battle against environmental performance: The Hackefors model


Conceptualising Legitimacy for New Venture Research


How much does growth determine SMEs’ capital structure?


Small E-Firms: Enlightened Butterflies Or Endangered Catapillers

-Jones, Hecker

Situational Factors And Entrepreneurial Intentions

-Kennedy, Drennan, Renfrow, Watson

Commitment to Australian Direct Selling Organisations: What are the antecedents?

-Kennedy, Mavondo

The Role of Interpersonal Communication in the Development of Client Trust and Closeness in a SME Professional Services Context

-Kirchmajer, Patterson

The Impact Of TQM Adoption On SME Financial Performance

-Watson, Kober, Ng, Subramaniam

Organization Relations Development – A Critical Approach to Organizational Change


The Young Enterprise Scheme In New Zealand: Dimensions Of Programme Delivery

-Lewis, Massey

Perspectives on Family Businesses in New Zealand and Australia

-Lord, Shanahan, Robb

Sustainability and Small/Medium Enterprises, taking action: Where is it working? What are the barriers? Case Studies in the Moreland Council area.

-MacDiarmid, Kimber

The Productivity Performance of Australian Manufacturing SMEs


Investigating Customer Service Levels to achieve Competitive Advantage in the SME Home Entertainment Rental Industry


Opportunity Evaluation: Having Fun and Learning Too


Measuring the Quality of a Commercialisation and Exit Strategy


A Scale For Measuring SME Owner-Operator Objectives

-Newby, Watson, Woodliff

Describing The Entrepreneur: How Appropriate Is The Founder/Non-Founder Model?

-Newby, Watson, Woodliff

Technological resources, organizational resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage

-Newton, Dalglish, Douglas

Start-Up And Beyond: Evolving Training Needs For Rural Women In Small Buisness

-Newton, Gottschalk, Wood

The Evaluation Of Orchard Adjustment Strategies: A Linear Programming Approach to the Development of Rural Policy in the SME Sector


Managing Environmental Risk In Small Business: An Agenda For Research

-Rajendran, Barrett

The Use Of Financial Information In Financial Decisions Of SMEs In Thailand


Small and medium-sized enterprise co-operation: The influence of trust on structure and performance


Expatriate Acculturation: Linking Predeparture Experience To Initial Experience


Small Business – Government Agency Dispute Resolution: A Case Study of the South Australian Office of the Small Business Advocate


Confidence And Safety – The Healthcare Dilemma

-Worth, Stephenson

Generational Differences In The Start-Up Goals And Later Satisfaction Pf Women Small Business Proprietors

-Still, Soutar, Walker

The use of business assistance by women home-based business operators.

-Walker, Still

SME Performance: Does Gender Matter?


The potential impact of accessing advice on SME failure rates


Understanding the Grey Entrepreneur: A Review of the Literature

-Weber, Schaper

Initiatives in entrepreneurial education: an evaluation of some UK initiatives


Understanding and measuring the effect of social capital on knowledge transfer within clusters of small-medium enterprises. A

-Whittaker, Burns, Van Beveren

Entrepreneurial capacity and the new technology-based small firm

-Yencken, Gillin

Report on the Setting up of the Centre of Specialisation for Services to Small and Medium Enterprises

-Zsolt, Murray, Bray

Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand

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